Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That's Blarney

Of all our visitors, Rachel had the worst Irish weather luck. Rain every day we were in Ireland. Oh well, she did get to see 5 rainbows in the span of 1 hour. So I call it even. No luck finding the pot of gold yet though.

After Spain, Richard headed back to work and Rachel and I spent a day resting. After our recovery period we decided to go to Blarney to kiss the famous stone. We did, though what an experience. Who knew procuring the gift of gab would mean risking your life hanging upside down off a 5-story high castle wall. Yikes, but it was worth it. Not so sure the €10 souvenir photo was worth it. But oh well...how many times will you make out with a rock?

Enjoy our Cork & Blarney photos. The view from the top of the castle was the best scenic view I've seen in Ireland so far.

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