Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preikestolen: The Pulpit's Rock

After our Viking fun, Nicole & Trygve took me to Preikestolen. They had been talking about it since April when they visited so I was a kind of excited & kind of scared. Nicole had shown me pictures of the triangle plateau that juts out over the fjord 600 meters below. It looked beautiful and also a little scary. I was definitely not going to put my feet over the edge of this cliff like the fools in the tourist brochures. My mild fear of heights would never allow it. I was nervous about just getting there where you have to walk across a little 7 inch wide ledge for four or five steps. So with all that in mind, we started our climb. It's not a difficult hike, though it is challenging. There are steep climbs over rocky trails and it was quite a nice day for a hike. Mostly sunny, temps around 70. It took a little over 2 hours to get to the plateau with a couple of snack breaks.

Then we saw it. The magnificent rock was jutting out over the fjord and was just stunning. I decided I had to do the crazy thing. I had to sit on the edge. Adrenaline helped and I head over. It was quite scary. Funny thing is I was at one point thinking to myself I should be careful for my camera lens cap. A five dollar piece of plastic was apparently more important than my life at that moment. Anyway, it felt good to conquer the fear. Though even now, I look at the pictures and I get terrified.

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