Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kissing Cousins

My cousin, Laura, and her daughter, Alice, came to visit a little while ago. Our kids are only a couple months apart so it was great fun to see them play together. And we got to do some long overdue catching up ourselves. Come back anytime cousins!

Hoppy Easter

Harris started truly walking on his own the Thursday prior to Easter. By Easter Sunday he was hunting Easter eggs. It's truly amazing how fast things happen. We enjoyed a very nice Easter just the three of us. Harris was endless enchanted with his new walking skills and we were equally so.


Charlie decided to spend a portion of his Spring Break here in Austin. We spent the week hiking Pedernales Falls (Charlie did most the work, carrying Harris on his back) and showing Charlie the sights (Franklin's BBQ and Rainey Street). We also did a lot of work on my vegetable garden (again, Charlie did most of the work - wheeling 6 yards of dirt from the driveway to the backyard!). It was all so much fun. I really, really hope he decides to move to Austin after graduation. Harris and I need a hiking buddy. And there's nothing like the manual labor of my industrious brother when you need some raised beds built. Thank you so much Charlie! I will dedicate my first crop to you.

St. Patrick's Day

Let me start by saying that I'm very glad to be back home in Texas. There are many things I miss about Ireland though and a part of me will always feel left behind. So it was so lovely that we got to spend St. Patrick's Day this year with our friends from Ireland. Our very good friend we met in Dublin moved to Austin this year. We are so glad to have her as part of our Texas family now. And as a bonus, our friends Ashleigh and Johnnie visited from Dublin as well. I'm pretty sure we "Americans" offended Johnnie a bit with our quite-distorted celebration of Irish culture. But I think fun was had by all nonetheless. Sláinte!

Irish present for Harris - his first hurling stick

Irish present for Richard

Fado's Austin St. Patrick's Day Festival

Time Flies

We've been busy around here. And it often seems I can barely keep up with Harris. But we're having lots of fun. Here's a little of what Harris has been up to.

How is this comfortable?

Playtime with Poppy at the golf course

This might be my favorite Harris habit right now. He likes to sit and read his books, but they are ALWAYS upside down.

Why Spurs, Why?