Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Waterfalls & other Norwegian Adventures

We did a hike to Manafossen Waterfall the day after Preikestolen. It was a quick hike to the top, only about thirty minutes and definitely worth it. There were stunning views of the waterfall.

Our final day Nicole & I went to the Oil Museum and learned all about working on offshore rigs in the North Sea.

Preikestolen: The Pulpit's Rock

After our Viking fun, Nicole & Trygve took me to Preikestolen. They had been talking about it since April when they visited so I was a kind of excited & kind of scared. Nicole had shown me pictures of the triangle plateau that juts out over the fjord 600 meters below. It looked beautiful and also a little scary. I was definitely not going to put my feet over the edge of this cliff like the fools in the tourist brochures. My mild fear of heights would never allow it. I was nervous about just getting there where you have to walk across a little 7 inch wide ledge for four or five steps. So with all that in mind, we started our climb. It's not a difficult hike, though it is challenging. There are steep climbs over rocky trails and it was quite a nice day for a hike. Mostly sunny, temps around 70. It took a little over 2 hours to get to the plateau with a couple of snack breaks.

Then we saw it. The magnificent rock was jutting out over the fjord and was just stunning. I decided I had to do the crazy thing. I had to sit on the edge. Adrenaline helped and I head over. It was quite scary. Funny thing is I was at one point thinking to myself I should be careful for my camera lens cap. A five dollar piece of plastic was apparently more important than my life at that moment. Anyway, it felt good to conquer the fear. Though even now, I look at the pictures and I get terrified.

Norge - The Viking Experience

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Summer in Dublin

We've been enjoying some great weather in Dublin. Sunny skies and highs in the 60s. We even got above 70 degrees a couple of days. Richard & I have been checking out the fish markets on the coast and enjoying the festivals and markets that sprawl across Dublin during the summer.

A couple of weeks ago we got to see a new bridge being floated into place across the Liffey.

The dogs have been especially enjoying the summer weather. They have adjusted quite well after their flight over, even after almost missing their connection in Newark. The plane was delayed 10 minutes waiting on them to arrive. They were almost sent back due to a mistake in the paperwork. It was a very sleepless night, though I'm sure they were none the wiser.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Czech yourself before you wreck yourself...

...or if you're Alex, just make it home without needing stitches. Prague was so much fun, full of castles, old world town squares, centuries old bridges, & 80's video dance clubs. Richard & I met Alex & Bob (on leave from KBR-Iraq & KBR-Dubai) & Resvan from San Antonio for a fantastic weekend in Prague.

The sights of Prague were quite beautiful even with the day of thunderstorms and hail we had.

We did have some sunshine though. Our day at the castle was gorgeous and was perfect for some cathedral window pictures.

Here's Alex both at the Lennon Wall and in the shooting gallery of a medieval armor museum. The girls were the only ones that hit the target. And I also included one of me enjoying our favorite Prague food - street stand hot dogs. Yum. I think we visited the stands at least twice a day while in Prague.

The bridges were by far my favorite things in Prague and when we had good weather the views were spectacular.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That's Blarney

Of all our visitors, Rachel had the worst Irish weather luck. Rain every day we were in Ireland. Oh well, she did get to see 5 rainbows in the span of 1 hour. So I call it even. No luck finding the pot of gold yet though.

After Spain, Richard headed back to work and Rachel and I spent a day resting. After our recovery period we decided to go to Blarney to kiss the famous stone. We did, though what an experience. Who knew procuring the gift of gab would mean risking your life hanging upside down off a 5-story high castle wall. Yikes, but it was worth it. Not so sure the €10 souvenir photo was worth it. But oh well...how many times will you make out with a rock?

Enjoy our Cork & Blarney photos. The view from the top of the castle was the best scenic view I've seen in Ireland so far.