Monday, January 14, 2013


Chicken Adventure Day 1:
We called out to Callahan's General Store today and verified their fresh chick order. After checking that they had the breeds we were interested in, Harris and I drove out there. We picked 5 beauties, all a day old except our Ameraucana who is 5 or 6 days old. She looks like a giant compared to the day-old babies. We've taken to calling her Dinosaur, though I'm hoping she gets a more lady-like name. I'm pretty outnumbered here in the male-female ratio so I'm not crossing any fingers.

I've been hovering over our little cardboard box brooder so constantly checking the thermometer that they must be exhausted from all the commotion. I hope they will sleep well tonight. Harris adores the chicks. He introduced himself properly after his nap, walking over and saying, "Hi chicks. My name is Harris." He loves petting them gently. And I know he'll love getting to hold them which we are planning on building up to. One toddler squeeze and the delicate little girls might not make it.

I'm both excited and nervous about our little chicken adventure. I mostly just hope they make it to adulthood at this point. Wish us luck!

Getting Knitty

Thanks to my good friend, Hal, I've taken up knitting. If you haven't received a knit item from me yet, you can probably expect to. I'd always wanted to take it up, but I found it incredibly intimidating. Then one day Hal dropped off some needles, yarn and a book and told me to learn. I'm really glad I did. I certainly didn't need another hobby but I find it both relaxing and challenging and an excellent outlet for my crafty side. Here's a few of my projects I've completed since I figured out the basic knit and purl stitches back in April.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Halloween

Harris went as a sushi chef since my Dad gifted us with a kimono from his recent trip to Japan. And we went as Psy, the yellow-suit guy and elevator guy from Gangnam Style. Those pictures might never be released though.

Texas OU Weekend...Let's not talk about the football

Well, I'm still not ready to talk about the football team's display on that weekend in October. But I did want to share some pictures of the other fun and our visit to the Dallas Arboretum's pumpkin patch. They were also hosting a fabulous Chihuly exhibit that was an amazing bonus.

And after the team's entrance, there really wasn't much else to talk about, except DeLoss Dodds coming down for the Eyes of Texas right next to us.