Monday, February 22, 2010

Tears, booze and bad singing...we'll miss you Barbara

Nearly a year ago today a small group of GLG Austin folks flew across the Atlantic together to begin our Irish adventure. A year later, we've gone through a lot together and really gotten to know each other. Nearly everyone has decided to stay another year...all but one. Our friend, bright, always smiling Barbara and her husband, Daniel, have decided to return to sunny Austin. They will be desperately missed. Barbara's incredibly positive attitude really added something to the sarcastic group of ex-pats here. We couldn't let her leave without a huge send off though. So Saturday night the troops gathered for a proper surprise-karaoke party. Lots of tears, booze and bad singing later (not necessarily in that order) we were able to say our goodbyes. Our little GLG Dublin family is growing and changing seemingly every day now, but the original gang will be hard to forget. We'll miss you Barbara and we'll be back with you in Texas before you know it.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving Day!

We've officially been living in Ireland for a year at the end of February. And since our lease was up and rent prices keep falling in Ireland, we moved a little closer to town to the village of Ranelagh. It's about a 20 minute walk to Richard's office and the dogs are loving the green back garden. So all-in-all we're very excited about our new digs. It's a mini Georgian-style house with many original features and possibly some of the craziest carpet I've seen. And for those of you who are Hollywood fans, Maureen O'Hara grew up just 10 houses down the street.

Weather is starting to warm up, slowly and this week has been particularly sunny! I'm hoping by the time our house if full of St. Patrick's Day guests it'll be some fantastic spring weather. I have promised myself to get out and about more now that the days are getting longer which means more pictures and more blog posts. The short days are truly quite a downer. I can't wait for the 10pm sunsets of the summer!