Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sevilla Sunshine and Stink

Once in Sevilla we finally had our truly warm weather as promised. It was 80 both days and I was as happy as can be as long as we were out of our hotel. Richard always chooses the perfect accommodation for our trips (it's a particular talent of his). And in Sevilla he chose a hotel with duplex rooms that have spiral staircases. A little dangerous after a night out of drinking Spanish wine (imagine climbing a spiral staircase to reach the bathroom after a few drinks, now imagine Rachel and me trying to climb a spiral staircase after a few drinks). We survived the staircase, but I swear we almost didn't survive the smell. When we checked in half the hotel smelled like raw sewage, ewww. We switched rooms to get away from the smell. Then I went to wash my dusty feet off from the flip-flop-wearing day and discovered the water was brownish-yellow, ewww. When I called down to the front desk the man just recommended that we let the water run for a bit. I asked him why the water was yellow and he replied "It just is." His English was just so-so. I tried again in my limited Spanish. "Si, pero por que es la agua amarillo?" His reply, "It just is." So we moved rooms again. The water wasn't as yellow and the smell was only there a little. Lovely.

I suppose we'll forgive Richard this one mishap since all the other places we stayed in Spain were absolutely amazing.

Sevilla's architecture is fantastic. We spent most of our two days just wandering the city and exploring. We threw in a visit to the Lone Star Bar with token Texas flags, Longhorn penants and Nebraska Cornhusker posters? Enjoy the photos.

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