Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monkeying Around Gibraltar and Rocking Ronda

So what's so exciting about monkeys? I have a better question. What's not exciting about monkeys? Gibraltar was so much fun, very windy and full of monkeys. monkeying

After my very first dip in the Mediterranean Sea (okay it was just my toes, but it was still fantastic), we drove down the coast to La Linea de la Concepcion, the small border town crossing for Gibraltar. We walked across the border without incident. The most exciting part (we haven't seen monkeys yet) was having to cross the airport runway to get to the Rock and the town. It was ridiculous wind. I really felt like I was about to take flight while crossing the runway.

Next we climbed the Rock of Gibraltar! Well, we actually met Albert who drove us up the Rock which was much more efficient and he introduced us to his favorite monkeys!

After all our Rock adventures, we set of for our evening destination, Ronda. About 30 km out of La Linea, our rental car decided it wasn't going to get out of first gear. Hmmm. Two hours later, we were off...again. It was now dark, so Richard drove, thank goodness. The tiny cliff-edged snaked mountain roads made nervous just as a passenger. Though we arrived in Ronda well after dark, we still enjoyed it's beautiful streets and more delicious tapas. We even found our second bar in Europe with taps at your table. Fun for all!

I thought Ronda at night was a beautiful town, but Ronda in daylight was simply stunning. All those mountain roads were worth it. The views from the town which is perched on the very tip of a mountain are indescribable.

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