Sunday, June 5, 2011

French Open

Our timing for the trip was largely planned around getting to the French Open this year. It has long been a goal to see the event, and I'm very glad to say we made it. Getting tickets was a bit of a challenge, but in the end turned out to be rather easy. They release evening tickets at 5pm the day before to purchase online. This basically let's you in for the last match on all the courts during the first week. They are €25 each, I believe. You can then queue for tickets into the stadiums, centre court, etc. They resell the seats of those tickets holders who have left for the day. We took Harris, so we decided not to queue for seats as it was too warm for him to be in the sunny stadium that long. And there was plenty of tennis to be seen around the outer courts since it was the first week. It was great nonetheless. Now I just need to make it to the Australian Open and I will complete the set!

This isn't the greatest photo, but I wanted to post a photo of the French Open employees. They have the most adorable uniforms. So stylish, so French!

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