Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buttery, flaky, delicious slice of heaven

I plan on a writing an entire post about the food we've sampled while in France. But I couldn't wait to post about this delicious pastry we found. It was in a patisserie recommended to us, Viennoiseries de St. Medard in the 6th. On the last day on Paris, Richard stopped in to make sure we tried them. He picked up two croissant-type options. One, was the recommended chocolate and almond croissant. Chocolate and almond being just about my two favorite flavors to find in a sweet, this was très magnifique. It was chocolate filling on the edges and a gooey almond filling center, topped with sliced almonds. Perfect, right? Then in came time for the second one. I'm sure this one has an actual name, but Richard couldn't remember what it was called and he just pointed to it when ordering so it may remain a mystery forever. It appeared on the outside to be an odd-shaped almond croissant. The first bite was delicious, but it just tasted like a perfect croissant: flaky, buttery, yummy. The second bite is was inspired this dedicated post. Inside this perfect croissant was a impossibly light, airy, moist almond cake layer. The cake layer tasted like a better version of my favorite recipe almond white cake. My mouth is watering even while I write about it, YUM! My only regret is not finding this sooner since I only had one and was forced to share it with Richard. So thank you so much LH! The recommendation was life altering.

See the divine cake layer? Sigh.

Location:Boulevard Princesse Grâce de Monaco,Villefranche-sur-Mer,France

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