Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Electric Mower...It's hard to Grass

Since we moved to our 2nd place in Dublin and thankfully have a lovely garden with a small lawn, I now have to mow the lawn. It hadn't been an issue until the recent weeks of warm (55-60 degree Fahrenheit) weather. With this new task, I got to experience a totally new European phenomenon...the electric mower. Now, I had just assumed with the small gardens in Ireland that we'd be talking push mower. Yes, old school, and yes, they take a bit of effort. But our lawn here is merely 15' x 20' so we're not talking extreme measures with a push mower. I went to the little shed in the back to examine my tools, only to be confounded by what looked like the lawn mower with a 30-foot red power cord coming from it. This was quite puzzling to me. Maybe it's just me, but I've never heard of an electric mower. Power drill, of course. Leaf blower, sure. Even an electric weed whacker. But this was my first time with the electric lawn mower. And we're not talking electrically-charged battery-operated device, just plug in and go.

So, I plugged it in to my kitchen outlet (nearest to the back door) and of I went. It's about what you would expect. It's a bag less, electric mower. It does the job. The only thing you have to be careful for is to not mow over the cord.

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