Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brussels with a Mouthful of Mussels

Brussels has quite an obsession with peeing statues. It all started with Manneken Pis. He later inspired the little girl and dog versions. And you see other inspirations in advertisements and artwork all over the city. We caught Manneken Pis on a new costume day. The city dresses him in costumes most days of the year. He's been dressed in honor of anyone from city street cleaners (pictured below) to Elvis and Santa Claus.

Beautiful Brussels
Brussels has one of the most magnificent squares I've seen in Europe, the Grand Place. St. Nicolas Church was beautiful, but my favorite part were the shops built into the side of the church wall. Each store is only about 8 feet deep.

Mussels in Brussels! Well, I'm allergic, but Richard said they were fanstastic. They certainly looked fanstastic. I indulged on slightly less healthy options like waffles and lots & lots of chocolate. Oh, and how could I forget the beer? There's trappist, abbey, kriek and probably a hundred other types. We did our best to try them all.


There was one item we decided to stay away from: street escargot!!!

I really liked this grocery basket with wheels!

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