Monday, May 10, 2010

An Amsterdam Good Time

That's right. Mexican food in Amsterdam! And it was delicious too! I wouldn't have ever considered it a year ago. But living Dublin, you really start to miss Mexican deliciousness.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city. I loved the canals. Richard loved the the vertigo-inducing staircases and museums.

Amsterdam also has one of the largest street markets in Europe. I wasn't really that impressed, but they did have some good food. We got the traditional herring and we fond some Vietnamese lumpia. It was almost as delicious as the tiy Filipino version made by Richard's mom. Elsewhere in Amsterdam we had Dutch pankcakes at a yummy little cafe called Pancakes!.

And who can forget Stroopwaffles?!

It wouldn't be a trip to Amsterdam without discussing the bikes, but as cute as all the bikes and bike accessories were, my favorite thing was the giant bike parking garage by the train station.

Don't worry. I haven't forgotten the tulips. They get their own post. Coming up next...tulip extravaganza!

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