Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could

"I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could." - that quote has a whole new meaning for us as we arrived in Houston with a barely 6-week-old Harris. I think that qualifies as "as fast as I could."

After our last minute dash to the US embassy in Dublin to obtain Harris's first passport, we purchased our flights to the US. We got the go ahead from the pediatrician to fly, so there was only one question left. How would little 6 week-old Harris fly?

We are relieved to report, he did great. His eyes opened really wide when our ears popped, but other than that, we didn't hear a peep on the long 7 and half hour flight. He was a little sick of flying by the time our Newark layover was over, but settled down in time for take-off after getting a full tummy. I have to say this really is great age to fly. I know it will only be getting more difficult as he becomes more and more aware of the world around him. I will update everyone on his "perfect traveller" status after our summer trips to Europe. Right now, we're just crossing our fingers that the flight back to Dublin is as uneventful as the flight to Texas.

Perfect Traveller

I can't recommend this Kidco Peapod travel "crib" enough!

We had a really busy first weekend. There was a rehearsal dinner, wedding and Harris's baptism. I'm so glad we got to attend Amanda and Bradley's beautiful wedding. The weather was great for their pretty outdoor ceremony and the reception at the Houston Museum of Natural Science was outstanding. It is such a great venue. We even got to tour the butterfly center. And the best part was Harris got to hang out with his Lola and Lolo, Aunt Melissa, Uncle Dylan and his cousins, Thalia and Carys while we attended the wedding.

The baptism was a nice ceremony given by Rev. Stuart Bates at the church I grew up in, St. Francis Episcopal. And we were extremely blessed to have everyone there.

Next up, Austin!

Cocktail hour under the dinosaur

Chelsea designed most of the graphics and paper goods

Reception in the main lobby

Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Gunter

Lots of bikes in this wedding

Everyone but Charlie



So happy for Bradley and Amanda!

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  1. We are SO happy you guys could make it! We loved meeting Harris and it really meant a lot that you were able to be part of our wedding. Can't wait to see yall again soon!
    -Amanda and Bradley