Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Embassy

Waiting in line for security

Harris getting officially recognized as a US citizen

Outside the embassy, finally!
Monday we had our first adventure at the US Embassy. We've never needed to go during our two years here. But we all had to go in person to report Harris's birth as a US citizen born abroad and apply for his social security number and passport. Our appointment was at 1pm, and it took just under 2 hours even though we were first in line. The hardest part was probably getting an acceptable passport photo of Harris. It is extremely trying to get a photo of a newborn with his eyes open, looking into the camera with both ears visible and a neutral expression. Extremely trying! The woman who helped us at the embassy told us his photo was great and she seemed genuinely impressed. I just heard back from the embassy that the passport is in the mail which is great news since we're flying to Texas for a wedding next Thursday!


  1. Yaaay! Can't wait to see you guys!- Amanda and Bradley

  2. Will at least he was not giving her the one finger salute that I received via email earlier this week.

  3. Applying for a PPS number (i'm an expat from the states as well) was such a pain for me... i'm totally not looking forward to if and when we have a baby abroad! eek!!!