Monday, November 8, 2010

My favorite day of the year...

Texas-OU Weekend has always been my favorite time of year. When it all goes right, it's a beautiful fall day in Dallas, Texas with the sun shining and a high in the 70s, Texas beats OU in the great setting of the Cotton Bowl and the Fletcher's Corny Dogs (with Jalapeño cheese) are fresh out of the fryer. This year was oh-so-close to perfect. If only the Longhorns would have held up their end of the bargain. Oh well, there will always be next year. With hindsight as our best friend, I can now look back and say that game was actually one of our best. Despite their mistake-filled game, the Longhorns still had a chance to win the game with just one minute left in the 4th quarter. But, if I were to discuss the ails of the 2010 Texas Longhorns, we'd never get to the good stuff. Texas State Fair food, fried everything. This year I tried Fried Texas Caviar (a great disappointment), Fried Corn on the Cob (not so special), Fletcher's Corny Dog with Jalapeño Cheese (never going back to the original Corny Dog, Jalapeño Cheese is the way to go), Fried Grilled Cheese (5 stars), Fried PB&J (not bad, but not my favorite), Fried Frito Pie (the best thing I've ever tasted-at least the best fried thing!) And no, I didn't get sick.

Other highlights included the butter sculpture, Chelsea's return to the State Fair, and the Texas way to pour a whiskey.

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