Monday, April 19, 2010

Always in our hearts...last day in Rome

After our people-filled, standing-in-line-filled Vatican day, we decided to just sleep in on our last day in Italy. After finally getting up we headed back to our little bakery in Campo di Fiori and had delicious pizza bianco and Italian cookies. After exploring one of the best markets I've been to in Europe so far, we headed out to the Palatino and Roman Forum. It's amazing that these are still standing. Though it takes some imagination to picture the ruins in their former glory, it was fascinating.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the "last truly Roman neighborhood", Trastevere. It's home to many cute shops and cafes. We found a cute newly opened boutique, Trast, that makes casual, stylish, comfy clothes. We decided to support the local economy with a new dress for myself and a t-shirt for Richard. Trastevere also has a wonderful church, Basilica of Our Lady's in Trastevere. The church, built beginning around 300 AD, has some beautiful 12th century mosiacs on the front, some of the only that have survived from the medieval period. It's also the first church dedicated to Mary.

Arrivederci Roma!

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  1. Your pics are wonderful, as always. So many friends and relatives jetting off to Rome last couple of weeks, and here I am stuck at home. :(