Monday, August 10, 2009

Driving my parents around Ireland...literally around!

Since I was the experienced left-hand-side-of-the-road driver, and by experienced I mean had done it one day before, I was nominated to be the driver in our little adventure around Ireland. We started out our little jam-packed tour by heading West for a few days of golf for the gents and sightseeing for the ladies. After they'd had their fill of knee-high rough, we abandoned golf for a few days, and headed North, taking in Connemara, County, Mayo, and eventually on to Northern Ireland. In Northern Ireland we visited Giants Causeway, then traveled the coastal road all the way around past Belfast then down to County Cavan where Dad & I visited the birthplace and church of our ancestors from Ireland and some cousins we have that are really not that far removed. After all that, we crashed in Dublin for a night of Temple Bar fun, then it was off to the South. Another few rounds of golf down in County Cork and then Richard & I bid adieu to the parents and let them explore County Kerry on their own. It was a fun-filled, golf-filled, virus-filled, sight-seeing-filled adventure. Over the next few days...hopefully not weeks...I will post pictures and details of the trip.

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