Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Boys Are Back

I uploaded a new little-bit-of-orange template to celebrate the beginning of football season!

For those of you out there who hoped Ireland would provide Richard & I with a new hobby and distract us from the destructive obsession with all things Longhorn, I'm sad to say you'll be disappointed. Even the separation of the Atlantic Ocean can not deter us in our love and support for those boys in burnt orange. Last week the Horns reported to campus for what promises to be yet another championship hopeful season. With two classic revenge games lined up in the first 6 weeks of the season, how can we not be excited? I'll be back in Texas for the first one, where the Longhorns prove last year's loss to Texas Tech was just a fluke. And Richard joins me for the granddaddy of them all...Texas vs. OU.

I remember as a kid going to that game and thinking it was the end-all-be-all of lineups. And that was when Coach David McWilliams was taking our unranked Southwest Conference Horns to challenge the nearly as lackluster Gary Gibbs coached Sooners. Even in 1997 where John Mackovic's Longhorns and John Blake's Sooners squared off in what ultimately became a 4-7 losing season for both teams, the outcome of the game was crucial to my well-being. I've attended more games at the Cotton Bowl than is healthy for a person my age. I've gotten the finger from an 70+ aged OU fan as a 10-year-old. I've seen Peter Gardere beat OU 4 years in a row during the Texas Stampede, something no other QB has done. And last year, I saw the Longhorns beat the top-ranked Sooners by double digits in a game that had lead changes every quarter and drama you just didn't want to end. At the end of last year's game we sat around the steps of the Hall of State, as we do every year, and I heard the same comment over and over again. "That was one of the greatest games I've ever seen." The debate continued, was it better than either Rose Bowl game, was it better than Ohio State? Which game meant more to the program? But everyone did agree on one thing, there was little better feeling than this. Sitting in the shadow of Big Tex, a waxy paper cup of beer in one had, a Fletcher's Corny Dog in the other, basking in the high of another win over OU. This year's match up is set up to be just as exciting with just as much on the line. This year once again, it's even more than school pride, more than state pride, it's the championship hopes of both teams.

So, no, we're not over our Longhorn love. In fact, we're more excited than ever for another season. The games we can't see in person we'll be catching by Slingbox, but cheering just as loud.

Hook'em Horns!

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