Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I will miss most:

As we're packing everything up, we're making a list of the things we'll miss most about Texas. Aside all our friends and family, of course, here's our list:

1. Food. Mexican and Barbeque. Richard and I are divided on which we'll miss more. I say Mexican food and he says Barbeque. But we both agree that this is the first thing we'll miss.

2. Sunshine. We are so lucky here in Austin with all the sunshine and beautiful weather. The perfect-for-the-lake summer days. The beautiful spring bluebonnets blooming days. Those will definitely be missed in a country with more foggy, cloudy, chilly days than not.

3. Warm weather. See above.

4. Texas football. Many of you will think that this would have been our number one. But really, the first three things on the list are all a part of Texas football season for us, so it's all one in the same.

5. My precious appliances. Moving overseas means moving to a different voltage. So few of our American appliances function in the EU. Some will have to be replaced (I can't live without my flat iron for my hair in that humidity). But some simply don't make sense to replace. I know I've lived without them before, but that all seems like a time far ago. My most missed appliances: KitchenAid Stand Mixer, LG steam washer and dryer, and All-Clad slow-cooker.

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