Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Getting ready for Ireland isn't all packing, packing, packing.

While there has been plenty of packing...all the dishes are packed up for storage, the pictures are all off the walls...there's an entirely different part of preparing for Ireland that has been really fun. Shopping. And that's been the only good part of this stinky economy. I've gotten sweaters for us both, a few new pairs of my favorite corduroy pants and lots of dress shirts for Richard at 50% off or more.

We've stocked up on warmer clothes. But my main concern (some say obsession) has been shoes. I have come to the realization that my standard footwear, the flip-flop, simply won't cut it in Ireland. Not only is a much chillier, but it's wet & rainy most of the time. So, I'm taking a couple of pair because I plan on spending some time on beaches in Spain. But most of my collection will be staying in storage.

So what shoes does one need in Ireland? Rain boots of course! I've never had a real reason for rain boots, even living in tropical Houston. But since we're planning on a much less car-dependent life, I've been shopping. Above are the fabulous rain boots I purchased this weekend. They are so fun; I wish it would rain here just so I can wear them. Actually, I wish it would rain just so my yard won't die. But the drought in Austin is a whole different post.

So preparing for Ireland isn't all packing and work. It's a great excuse for some new shoes!

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