Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Okay. I'm not going to say it was perfect. Harris and I both got a pretty bad cold upon arrival. And because of this Harris's time adjustment took a bit longer than I had hoped. But we had a lot of fun. And we got to hang out with the cutest babies ever. 

I do want to take this moment to say that Lufthansa is the best airline I've flown for children. They went out of the way to make us welcome on all our flights. Harris had all the milk and juice he could ever want! So much so that we spent a lot of time in the airplane bathrooms. He was a champ on both flights. I really don't know what parents did before iPads. Between our favorite apps and Yo Gabba Gabba we were all set. We brought plenty of other activities too, but when we were both struggling with sleep deprivation the iPad saved the day!

What the car looked like when we took our few outings!

Baby Eva

Summery Day in Norway

Self-imposed time out for getting in trouble for not putting the tennis shoe away

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