Saturday, August 27, 2011

7 months!

I find it absolutely impossible that I have a 7-month-old. We've had a fun month. Harris is getting quite mobile. He's not exactly crawling yet, but still manages to get around quite well through various combinations of lurching, sliding, rolling and just plain wiggling. He is eating a huge variety of foods now and likes everything except broccoli. Zucchini is probably the favorite with applesauce being a close second. He got the top two teeth in with only a little fussiness. He is still our super sleeper and has lately become quite the babbler when he isn't just laughing. With only a month left in Ireland now we've been busy getting in as much cool weather park-time as possible. I've heard there's something of a heat wave in Texas. :)

Mackenzie trying her hardest to be good

Go Barca!

Barcelona fan

Is it time for football yet?

Getting ready for football season

Harris with the Irish cousins

The Lyons home - Harris's Irish great-great-great grandmother, Alice, was born in this house!

Checking in on Tiny in County Cavan

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  1. We are missing that little guy so much! He is SO cute. We have much spoiling and cuddling to catch up on. :)