Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Double-Stuffed Sugar Overload

So, I was feeling pretty awesome about sticking to my diet for a whole three days so I decided to make these ridiculous overindulgent cookie bars. I found the recipe here because of my favorite iPad app Zite, which is contantly throwing new cooking and food blogs my way. I've had the recipe saved for awhile and was secretly hoping I'd never get to it. I mean who really needs a double-stuffed Oreo inside a brownie, on top of a chocolate chip cookie. No one. No one needs that. But guess what arrived in Ireland?

That's right. Ireland has had the Oreo since sometime in the 90s. But until rather recently (I only discovered them today), they haven't had the double-stuffed variety. So to celebrate the arrival of the double-stuffed Oreo and, of course, sticking to my diet for just short of half a week, below is the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar. The only adjustment I made was to substitute my chocolate chip cookie recipe. Other than that I followed it exactly.

And the verdict is: yummy, but I think I'd rather just have the cookie, Oreo and brown all separate. And maybe not worth the diet busting. And don't worry, I only ate one and sent the rest to Richard's coworkers. Hopefully that will be my chocolate fix for the rest of July.

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