Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The sun has the power to heal all wounds

Roundtrip we spent 43 hours on planes and in airports to see our Texas Longhorns play Alabama in the BCS National Championship game. You all know the result. Colt McCoy ended his glorious career by playing just 5 plays before being forced to leave with a devastating injury. Garrett Gilbert, his well-hyped, freshman backup, played valiantly, nearly bringing the Horns back for a victory. It just wasn't enough. His lack-of-experience got to him and the Horns just couldn't pull out the victory. For the first time in a very long time for Texas football, there's no one to blame. Everyone played their heart out to the best of their ability. Colt's injury and Garrett's near comeback was the stuff written for nearby Hollywood, without the trademark ending.

So the question is, are we glad we went? My answer is in two parts. One, I'm very glad I got to spend 5 days in lovely sunny California with it's beautiful highs in the 70s. Ireland has been having the worst winters since 1963 filled with seldom seen snow and ice. So for the weather alone, I loved being in California. Two, the combination of football and friends made this trip like our other Rose Bowl trips, worth it, win or lose. Of course the wins were a little better. But I would have regreted missing out on the Shotgun30 bus ride, the reunion of Texas fans from across the state, nation and globe, and most certainly seeing Colt's last moments. Though it wasn't how the Longhorn nation hoped for, I'm glad I was there to witness the end of Colt's reign.

There's always next year. That's the beauty of college football.  Next year will bring a new set of recruits that looks to be the best yet. Garrett Gilbert showed incredible promise. And we'll be there once again to see the start of a new era at Texas.

And in the mean time, Texas Hoops is on their way to March Madness!

Good to see everyone in California! Enjoy the pics.

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