Friday, September 4, 2009

And the winner is...

Chelsea is the lightest packer I've ever met. She landed for her 9 day visit with the tiniest suitcase ever made, a purse and a carry-on. Oh and the carry-on was only carting the chocolate chips and medicine I'd asked her to bring. Everyone has shown up with luggage that outweighed themselves, but not Chelsea. Upon seeing her at the bus stop, Richard asked, "Did she lose her bags?" Ha!

But once I got over her excellent packing skills, we proceeded to take her around Dublin. In her sleep-walking, jet-lagged state we visited Trinity, St. Steven's Green, Odessa for brunch, Temple Bar Market, Remembrance Gardens and the Dublin Writer's Museum. The Writer's Museum was a first time for all of us. It has a lot of information, a slightly too-detailed audio tour and several historical bits and pieces from the lives of Ireland's literary elite. Chelsea really enjoyed not only the literary info-overload but also the chance to view some interesting examples of period book-printing and cover design. We kept her on her feet a few more hours, got her a Guinness and then if was time for bed.

Chelsea's First Guinness

Chelsea getting randy with Oscar Wilde

The next day we had nice sunny weather, so we headed to Howth for market day! After perusing the market and checking out the seals, we had supper at Deep in Howth. It was absolutely fantastic. I had onion rings that were to die for along with a seafood platter starter and seafood pasta. Chelsea has recently given up her vegetarian ways but still isn't in to fish. So she opted for the burger with mushroom cream sauce. The sauce came on the side in a medium-sized ramekin. Chelsea dipped her burger in that buttery, creamy mushroom sauce for every last bite. I'm pretty sure she ended up drinking the remaining sauce. And that's where it all began. Chelsea discovered one of Ireland's best exports, BUTTER!!!!

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