Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We're legal!

Today Barbara, Daniel, Sarah (all other GLG US employees who moved to Dublin), Richard & I went to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau. We were told it would be a wait. Everyone said it's like the DPS office back home when renewing your license. That was putting it mildly! We arrived at about 9:20 am. We waited in one line just to get a number. After 20-30 minutes we all received our numbers. The earliest number of our groups was 184. We looked at the sign displaying which number was next and it said 92. That seemed bad, but one agent said it would only be an hour.

We went for coffee and a little walk, and came back not wanting to miss our numbers being called. After our 30 minute coffee break they were at something around 105. So, long story short, it took 5 hours at that office and then another 45 minutes at the PPS office which is apparently like your social security number.

It was a long day, but we had good company and now we're al legally residing in Ireland.

After today's experience, I have new respect for all the trouble US immigrants must go through to obtain legal status. Irish regulations and red tape are nothing compared to the US and it still wasn't even close to what I would call an enjoyable day. Besides waiting in line we really had no problems registering. It's a once a year process, so we're done with that office until next February. Thank goodness!

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